Translated Captions - Zoom Webinars

Joining an IACA webinar & need caption translation?

Translate captions into another language

If the speaker is presenting in another language and you want the captions to be generated into your language, Zoom can translate the captions into your preferred language. This is done in real-time during the meeting, and can be set by each individual participant.

  1. Next to the Show Captions button, click the up caret button 
  2. Under the Translate to section of the menu, choose the language you would like the captions to display in:
    • Once a different language is chosen, the captions will be generated and translated into that language for you.
    • Other participants can choose a language for their captions independently of your chosen language.

Note: Choice of language will be saved and applied to future meetings.

Full instructions on Zoom's Support page.