Explanation of Fees

Please note IACA’s new and simplified membership fee structure has been applied as of 26 April 2022.

Membership Fees

Membership Level


Individual Membership

$50 per year

Organizational Membership

(for up to 10 individual members)

$400 per year

Membership Benefits

  • Access to Official Communications and Regular Email Updates
  • e-Delivery of the International Journal for Court Administration 
  • e-Delivery of the Court Administrator publication
  • Access to Professional Conferences and Networking Events
  • Access to the IACA Resource Library
  • Exclusive Access to the IACA MemberClicks Online Community
  • Access to Past Conference Materials
  • Access to Participate in IACA Committees

Individual Membership

Individuals who fall within the professional membership categories of judges, court executives, court managers, court administrators, or other court or justice ministry professionals may join as IACA Members. Individuals who fall within the categories of attorneys, academics, law enforcement officials, consultants, and related professions may also join as IACA Members. Membership dues are $50 per year and include all of the benefits listed above.

Organizational Membership

IACA encourages organizations and associations with goals and objectives similar to or compatible with its own to join as Organizational Members. The Organizational Membership fee covers up to ten group members. The base dues for an Association Annual membership fees is $400. Benefits for participants are the same as the Individual Membership.

Friends of IACA

Associations and individual members with the means to do so are encouraged to contribute tax-deductible donations to help fund the non-profit work of IACA.

Friends of IACA

- up to $500

Associates of IACA

- up to $1,000

Supporters of IACA

- up to $2,500

Patrons of IACA

- up to $5,000

Benefactors of IACA

- more than $5,000

Please submit your donations via check to:

International Association for Court Administration
c/o Association Services, National Center for State Courts
300 Newport Avenue
Williamsburg, VA 23185
United States