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Judicial Performance Management: What is the World Thinking Now?

IACA’s Global Conversation Podcast Summer 2021

IACA Global Conversation Podcast
Measuring judicial performance is a burning topic in many countries around the globe. How to balance the need for timely case resolution with the necessity for just results is a question many court experts have often pondered. Today, our panel of international court professionals will discuss the implications of measuring judicial performance. This episode delves into a number of questions surrounding measuring judicial performance:
  • How do you use performance measures?
  • Who gets to see the data?
  • What effects does automating judicial performance measurement have?
  • Do you tie judicial performance to an overall strategic plan?
  • What advice do these court professionals have for the rest of us?
This panel includes:
  • Justice Rutazana Angéline, Rwandan Judiciary, Inspector General of Courts
  • Dr. Aseel Zimmo, Kingdom of Bahrain, Advisor to the Bahraini Chief Justice and Minister of Justice
  • Mrs. Niceson Karungi, E-Justice Expert, Synergy International Systems Inc.
  • Tom Bruton, Clerk of Court, Northern District of Illinois

Short biographies of the presenters

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Courts and COVID: What's Been the Global Response?

IACA’s Global Conversation Podcast Winter 2020

IACA Podcast Thumbnail

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a scourge across the globe.  It has also been one of the longest lasting and most widespread crises in recent times.  It has affected every component of government in every nation that has had to deal with COVID-19. How have court systems in different countries coped with the pandemic? 

The Global Conversation podcast asks court leaders from around the world about issues important to the administration of justice.  This episode will explore how courts around the globe have responded to the Coronavirus.


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The Panel includes:

  • Honorable Sidney H. Stein, Senior Judge for the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York
  • The Honorable Belen Salespara-Carasig, Regional Trial Court Judge with Branch 296 of the Supreme Court of the Philippines
  • The Honorable Ali Al Madhani, Judge with the Dubai International Finance Center Court
  • Noora Aarnio, Senior Specialist, International Affairs, Department of Development for Finland's National Courts Administration

Short biographies of the presenters

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