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Originally Posted 2024 April 25

Participation of the IACA Vice President for Central Asia, Head of the Court Administration Nail Akhmetzakirov in the conference in Berlin

Berlin hosted a significant event for the legal sphere of Central Asia – the conference of the Association of Administrative Law. 

Vice-President of our Association for Central Asia, Head of the Court Administration Nail Akhmetzakirov and Chairman of the Judicial Board of Administrative Cases of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan Aslan Tukiyev took part from Kazakhstan. 

Mr. Akhmetzakirov and Mr. Tukiyev shared the successes of administrative justice, which has been operating in Kazakhstan since July 2021. Kazakhstani courts support citizens and entrepreneurs in disputes with government agencies in more than 60 percent of cases. 

There is an increase in confidence in the national judicial system, which makes the country more attractive for investment.     

A significant role in the formation of the administrative courts of Kazakhstan was played by the participation of judges from Germany, Azerbaijan, Latvia, Estonia and other countries in the retraining program for more than 350 Kazakhstani judges.    

This program is organized with the support of the German Development Cooperation (GIZ).        

As part of the conference, Nail Akhmetzakirov signed an agreement to continue the training of Kazakhstani judges at the Institute of Oriental Law in Wismar.   

This will be a new step in the development of the judicial system of Kazakhstan and its integration into the international legal community.

Originally Posted 2024 April 25

Chairman of the Supreme Court Aslambek Mergaliyev and Vice President of the IACA for Central Asia, Head of the Court Administration Nail Akhmetzakirov made an official visit to China at the invitation of Chairman of the Supreme People's Court of the People's Republic of China Zhang Jun. 

During the meeting, the heads of the judicial systems of Kazakhstan and China highly appreciated the achieved results of interaction and cooperation. 

Mr. Mergaliyev and Mr. Akhmetzakirov shared Kazakhstan's success in reforming the judicial system and expressed a desire to get to know China's best practices in the field of digital innovation more deeply. 

The focus of the visit was on the digital transformation of justice. As a country recognized as a leader in the implementation of technological innovations in judicial practice, China is of great interest to study. 

Both sides expressed their willingness and desire to further develop this area, share promising ideas and solutions that contribute to the progress of justice. 

The Kazakh delegation visited the leading courts of China, including the Beijing Internet Court and the Shanghai High People's Court, which allowed them to see in practice the application of IT innovations in the work of justice. 

This historic event highlights the close and friendly relations between the two countries, which are developing in the context of a long-term strategic partnership.