Natalia Chumak

Natalia Chumak

  • Deputy Head of the Territorial Office of the State Judicial Administration of Ukraine in Kyiv city
  • Head of NGO “Court management institute”
  • Deputy Head of the working group on accessibility to justice
  • Founder and Editor in Chief of the Journal of Judicial Administrators of Ukraine «Newsletter of Court Management Institute»

Chumak Natalia is Deputy Head of State Judicial Administration Office in the city of Kyiv (Ukraine) overseeing the administration of Kyiv courts. She was born in 1973 and has a Master Degree in Law.

She has been in public service for 27 years and in court administration for 10 years. Before being promoted to the State Judicial Administration office she was a court administrator of the Kyiv region Appellate Court dealing with case flow management, budgeting, operational and organizational support, etc. Recently she was elected Board Chairwoman of the “Court Management Institute” NGO. In this capacity she is promoting best practices and innovations in court administration throughout Ukraine. For example, she initiated and lead the development of a of working group on accessibility to justice for persons with disabilities and population groups with reduced mobility.

As a trainer for the National School of Judges of Ukraine she contributed to the development and implementation of training programs for court administrators in communication, time management, conflict management, team building and HR management.

In addition to teaching at the School of Judges she is part of the faculty team for the Michigan State University (MSU) Judicial Administration Certificate Program in Ukraine. Together with Dr. Tim Dibble, she teaches the course "Components of the Court and Management of the Movement of Cases."

In 2016, she participated in the 11th IACA Сonference in The Hague as a speaker. She also participated in the IACA-NACM Annual Conference in Washington DC in 2017.

You can reach her at:
E-mail: [email protected]
tel.: + 38 067 782 70 33