Hon. Mariela Ponce Villa

Mariela Ponce VillaMariela Ponce Villa is the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and Judiciary Council of  Querétaro State, Mexico, and former Chief Justice of the Court of Appeals in Criminal  Law and specializes in Juvenile Justice.

She is the first female judge of the criminal oral system in Querétaro state, México.

She has Ph.D. in Law from the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ). She also has a degree of Specialist in Constitutional Justice from Castilla-La Mancha University.

She is a professor in the Law Faculty of the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ) in the bachelor and postgraduate areas.

She has imparted several conferences, courses, and training in topics related to legal argumentation, the accusatory criminal system, evidentiary reasoning, human rights.

She is author of the books about Juvenile Proceeding and epistomology of the criminal accusatory proceeding in Querétaro State. Also, has published articles in several journals.

She is coordinator of the judicial management model, in Cosmos, for evaluation of the Criminal Accusatory and Oral System in Querétaro. She is international counselor in Juvenile Criminal Justice, in the Judges and Magistrates International Organization A.C.

She is part of the Mexican Association of Female Judges and Magistrates A.C. and part of the International Association of Women Judges.

She has studied in international programs, such as Juvenile Justice; Digital Justice, by the Spanish Agency of Judicial Cooperation for Development; Gender Equality, by the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation and UN Women; International Diploma on Capacity Building for the Protection of Human Rights in the Inter-American System.