Kenneth Isaac Komicho

Kenneth is a Malawian public administrator, economist by training, reformer, international judicial administration expert, human rights and peace building advocate. He has 13 years of court management experience, extensively contributing in areas of performance management, infrastructure development and court modernization.

He is currently serving as Head of Court Administration for the Supreme Court of Malawi, Member for various key committees including Judiciary Integrity Committee and Judiciary Performance Management Committee. He is the Liaison Officer of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice and Conference of Constitutional Jurisdictions of Africa. Kenneth is an active member of NACM and IACA having actively participated at its conferences in The Netherlands, The United States of America, Brazil and

He graduated from the University of Malawi School of Social Sciences and holds Certificates in Performance Management Systems from the International Management Institute, India and Managing Public Service Delivery from the Eastern and Southern Africa Management Institute. He is also a recipient of scholarship awards from the Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation and the Singapore Cooperation Programme.

As a reformer, he promotes effective justice systems and encourages judicial institutions to embrace modern practices that enable universal and equal access to justice and promote the rule of law. He regularly undertakes awareness campaigns and projects aimed at consolidating access to justice, Democratic Rule of Law, participatory and responsible citizenship.

His Court Administration career with the Malawi Judiciary has significantly built the institutional capacity through training of judges, international collaboration and memberships. He has led technological developments by introducing remote and hybrid technology and initiated landmark court projects, carried out surveys and supported team building.