Jeffrey A. Newman

Jeffrey A. Newman is the owner of Newman Sage Consulting, an international court consulting company. Prior to starting Newman Sage in 2014, Jeff was Deputy Clerk for Administrative Services in the New Jersey Appellate Division.  Jeff was responsible for overseeing the record making process in all New Jersey courts: Supreme, Appellate, Superior, and Municipal. Jeff was also responsible for the supervision of Official Court Reporters, management of audio and video recording processes, video conferencing, and production of transcripts from all court proceedings.  In addition, he directed the Appellate Division’s HR services, facilities, budgets, and technical applications.   

Jeff is currently working on a project for the Judiciary of Sri Lanka to implement digital recording and a case management system. This project included a review of court operations, data collection, developing the hardware/software RFP for the digital recording systems, selecting the vendor, and completing procedural and policy manuals for the digital recording system and the case management application.

Jeff completed a comprehensive project with the Serbian Ministry of Justice to implement digital recording throughout its court system. This project included the review of the Serbian legal framework for implementation of digital recording, developing the hardware/software RFP, selecting a vendor, completing procedural and policy manuals, training of judges and staff, and completing an analysis of the project.

He is also a business development consultant for CourtSmart Digital Systems.  He has completed work for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at The Hague, the Republic of Georgia, Guyana, and the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States.  

Jeff has worked in Nigeria where he reviewed Nigeria’s court recordation process and recommended operational and policy changes for the implementation of electronic recording of court proceedings.  As a significant component of the work in Nigeria, Jeff provided educational programs for judges and staff at all levels of the judiciary.  

Jeff has presented papers at court conferences including the International Association of Court Administrators, the National Center for State Courts, Mid Atlantic Court Management Conferences, and others.  He currently serves on the Executive Board of the International Association of Court Administrators.

Jeff has a B.A. from Monmouth University, an M.A. from Montclair University, and a CPM degree (Certified Public Manager) from Rutgers University in New Jersey.