IJCA Publications

ISSN 2156-7964

IJCA is an initiative of IACA's Executive Board and its diverse membership. They anticipate that the Journal will become an effective communications vehicle for the international exchange of experiences, ideas and information on court management, and thereby contribute to improving the administration of justice in all countries. Although IACA is a relatively young organization, the collective international experience of its Executive Board and Managing Editors has been that every judicial system, even in countries in the earlier stages of transition, has elements to it that may be of interest to others. The variations of practice and procedure from one region of the world to another, from one court system to another, also reveal major similarities across all systems. IJCA should serve as a resource for justice system professionals interested in learning about new and innovative practices in court and justice system administration and management, in common law, continental, and Shariah-based legal systems throughout the world. Our initial plan is to publish two issues per year.