Flavia Podesta

Flavia Podestá has served as Undersecretary of the Supreme Court of the Province of Buenos Aires, at the Management Control Department since its creation in 2004. She is in charge of the Best Court Management Practices Bank for the province of Buenos Aires, the largest in Argentina.

She is actively involved in comparative research, design, planning, and development of tools for the modernization of the Judiciary in a wide variety of aspects, standards, management audits, organizational analysis, etc. She has integrated and coordinated interdisciplinary teams.

Ms Podestá advises on criteria and measures to assess and strengthen the quality of the administration of Justice; indicators for the implementation of the management system; inter-institutional coordination; information and communication technology (ICT); transparency of justice information and protection of personal data; case management; access to Justice for people in vulnerable situations due to age, gender, imprisonment, juvenile justice, etc.

She has served as a leader appraiser in the First Edition of the National Quality Award for the Judiciary and appraiser in the National Quality Award in the Public Sector.

Ms Podestá is an Honorary Member of E-Justice Latin America and a member of the International Institute for Justice Excellence. She has served as a Board member of the Latin American Network of Judges (REDLAJ) and has been actively involved since its foundation.

She has taken part as a speaker, rapporteur and moderator in academic commissions at national and international conferences.

Ms Podestá has contributed to publications and has served as a reviewer on judicial modernization, and institutional statements in international cases on judicial independence.

She participated as an Observer in the Plenary Assemblies of the Ibero-American Judicial Summit.

She is a former fellow of the Higher Judicial Training Ibero-american Program of the General Judiciary Council of Spain and the Intercampus Program at the University of Valladolid.

Before joining the Supreme Court, she worked as Senior Counsel with the Beccar Varela law firm’s Administrative, Environmental Law and Public Sector Regulations Department in Buenos Aires City.

Ms Flavia Podestá has a two years PGC in Economic and Administrative Law from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, and a law degree from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario.