The Court Administrator

The inaugural issue of the Court Administrator was published in July 2017.  IACA expanded its publications in order to fill a need to provide "nuts and bolts" information specifically geared to court administrators.  We hope readers find the information contained in the Court Administrator worthwhile and we encourage our members to submit articles for inclusion in future publications.  

 Advertising Rates
 Advertising may be purchased in the four formats, all in full color, and 
 based on the current charges noted in the table below:

Size Charge
Single half-page US$320 
Two half-pages in a single issue US$560
Single full-page US$520
Two full-pages in a single issue US$800
Technical Specifications:
Half-page dimensions - 7.5" wide x 5" tall with no bleed
Full-page dimensions - 7.5" wide x 10" tall with no bleed
Artwork should be submitted in JPG format with a minimum resolution of 300 ppi.