The Court Administrator (TCA)

In July 2017, IACA expanded its publications in order to fill a need to provide "nuts and bolts" information specifically geared to international court administrators. The Court Administrator, an electronic magazine, features news and short articles from IACA’s members and friends in the international court community.

Additional topics covered include news on IACA’s activities, events, and members.

Current publication May 2024  |  Archived Editions

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Editorial Policy For TCA:

The Court Administrator magazine publication offers our international readers practical, “best practice” information. Articles should address matters relating to current practices, innovations and issues in court administration and management for the purpose of exchanging ideas and experiences from which other courts might draw. We do not accept articles that may be construed political and/or inflammatory in nature. The editorial staff reserves the right to make that determination in consultation with the IACA Board of Directors.

Here, we share our techniques, innovations, strategies, and methods. Our authors share what works and what does not work within their individual court systems. Our purpose is to help other court systems by seeking their expertise and to offer our readers help by offering contact information and inviting direct comments to each author. We ask for articles that will be enjoyed by members and that provide a window into the courtrooms and court administration offices all over the world. We open the eyes of our members and readers by sharing practical information and by giving our members a forum to share information about court administration practices in their individual worlds. The editorial staff reviews submissions for accuracy and relevance. We hope readers find the information contained in The Court Administrator worthwhile and we encourage our members to submit articles for inclusion in future publications.

TCA Author Guidelines:

Prospective articles submitted for consideration for publication in The Court Administrator should be sent to the Executive Editor at the following email address: [email protected]. Articles should be sent in English and in Microsoft® Word format. Questions are encouraged.

Articles should not exceed 2,000 words excluding footnotes. Photographs, charts, and other illustrative materials are welcomed. These additional materials should be submitted in pdf or JPEG format separate and apart from the article and not embedded within the article.

Authors are requested to email the Executive Editor in advance of submission of their article to notify the editor of the topic of their article and notice of their intent to submit. In addition to brief personal information about the author, the TCA bio form includes a request for a summary and/or abstract of the article and author’s requested title for the article.

Articles may be submitted to either the IACA Journal or to the Court Administrator but will not be accepted for publication in both publications. Please submit your article to only one of our publications.

TCA Advertising Policy Statement:

In pursuit of our mission, The Court Administrator accepts responsible advertising from contractors, vendors, suppliers, and institutions that service the extended court, judicial and justice systems communities. Such service may be provided by way of products, services, support, or developmental advice and consultation.

The Court Administrator’s Executive and Managing Editors and the IACA Board of Directors reserve the right to refuse any advertising that detracts or may be reasonably perceived as detracting from the overall goals and objectives of the Association. Advertising submitted for consideration should convey and reflect professionalism and the intent to contribute toward the improvement in efficiency and function of court, judicial and justice systems and/or the officials and staff employed by them.

 2024 Guidelines for Advertising in IACA Publications

  • Trim Size 8 ½ x 11”
  • Full-Page Size 7 ½ x 10”
  • Half-Page Size 7 ¾ x 4 ½”
  • Printing: offset, digital, color and black and white
  • Advertiser to furnish complete camera-ready copy in high resolution PDF
  • Text files should be submitted in Microsoft Word format
  • Do not put boxes around text or graphics
  • Photographs or graphics should be submitted as separate files in a JPEG format, not embedded in the text document
  • Photographs should be at least 300 dpi
  • Do not submit photos downloaded from the web because of low resolution (72 dpi)
  • If applicable, advertiser provides their ad’s CMYK color codes to the editor
The difference between The Court Administrator and the IACA Journal:

The Court Administrator is a separate IACA publication that IACA inaugurated in 2017 to replace the IACA Newsletter. It is a less-formal publication designed to publish articles primarily from court administration personnel and, occasionally, judges that are IACA members and friends. The TCA Editorial staff carefully reviews and edits each article as necessary.

The Journal, by contrast, publishes more scholarly articles by university law and related professors engaged in court administration and management research and by higher-level professionals within the judicial and court administration professions and the private-sector services and products families that cater to court and justice systems. Journal articles go through a formal double-blind review process before they are selected for publication, and each issue of the Journal is incorporated into several international research databases which makes its articles available to hundreds of thousands of researchers and professionals.