Oleg Shakov


Oleg ShakovNorth American Board

Oleg Shakov is Director of the International Programs Division of the Office of the Commissioner for Federal Judicial Affairs Canada, a federal government department established to safeguard the independence of the judiciary and provide federally appointed judges with administrative services independent of the Department of Justice. He has been actively engaged in the field of international relations for over 20 years. Before becoming a public servant in 2011, Oleg worked as a private advisor to private, government and non-governmental sectors on such issues as economic, political and legislative reforms; conducted extensive research on doing business in the region of the former Soviet Union; participated in the development of new technical assistance project ideas; and carried out fundraising for their implementation. In his current capacity Oleg is responsible for coordinating the participation of members of the Canadian federal judiciary in international cooperation, including project delivery oversight for FJA’s portfolio of judicial reform initiatives, which over the years included such countries as China, Ukraine, Russia, Peru, Mexico, Jamaica, Ghana, the Maldives and others. Varying in size and duration these projects have all been designed with a view of advancing and strengthening judicial institutions and the rule of law in emerging democracies.

Oleg is a graduate of the University of Carleton, Ottawa, Canada, with a Master’s Degree in international relations.