Maja Tratnik

Advisory Council - Slovenia


Graduated in law at the University of Ljubljana in 1974.

Working in the Slovene judiciary ever since, at first as an intern, later as a legal assistant.

Elected a judge of the Municipal Court of Ljubljana in 1977. Promoted to the Basic Court of Ljubljana 1979, head of the Criminal Division of this court from 1984 to 1994. In 1994, promoted to the Court of Appeal in Ljubljana. Nominated a Senior Judge of the Court of Appeal in 2000. Nominated a judge of the Supreme Court of Slovenia in 2004.

President of the Slovenian Judicial Council (2002-2004), member of the Slovenian Judicial Council from 1999-2004.

President of the European Association of Judges (2002 – 2006), President of the International Association of Judges (2006- 2008), since 2008 Honorary president of the International Association of Judges, member of the Advisory Board of the International Association for Court Administration (2012-). 

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Academy of European Law Trier (ERA) from 2003 - 2006.

Several times serving as an expert of the Council of Europe, European Commission  and OECD in the area of judicial independence and status of judges (in Georgia, Turkey, Croatia, Monte Negro, Armenia, Serbia, Ukraine).

Active participation at several international conferences, including a report on an EU Enlargement conference, Berlin, November 2001; co-presiding over an ERA conference on European co-operation on criminal matters, Vienna, March 2001; a report on an UN congress on crime prevention, Vienna, 2000 and Cairo 1995; and yearly reports on the congresses of the International Association of Judges.

Member of the Programme Board of the Slovene Judicial Training Centre (1999-2004), giving lectures in trainings of judges and prosecutors in courses organised by the SJTC.