Who is Elgible?

Membership Categories and Eligibility

The Association shall include two categories of memberships: individual and organizational.

1. INDIVIDUAL: Individual memberships will be extended to those persons who meet the membership requirements. There will be three types of individual memberships: Regular, Associate, and Student.
  a. REGULAR: Regular individual membership criteria will include (i)
government employment as a senior-level official of a ministry of justice or court system in any sovereign country, (ii) an individual retired from a position that qualifies for regular individual membership in the Association.
  b. ASSOCIATE: Associate individual membership criteria will include other senior professionals in a field related to court administration, i.e.,
prosecutors; administrative law judges, professors of law, public
administration, public policy, etc., or public administrators.
  c. STUDENT: Student individual membership will be extended to any college or university-level student (i) engaged in full-time study and pursuing a career as an official in a justice ministry or a judicial or court system.
2. ORGANIZATIONAL: Organizational membership will be extended to those
organizations that meet the membership requirements. The Association will include two types of organizational memberships; Regular and Associate.
  a. REGULAR: Regular organizational membership will be available to
regional or country-wide judicial and court-related associations of justice ministry and court system officials whose purposes and objectives are allied with or related to those of the Association.
  b. ASSOCIATE: Associate organizational memberships will be available to government, quasi-governmental, and non-governmental organizations that provide or solicit grants to sponsor rule-of-law and judicial or court-system improvement and modernization projects in countries throughout the world.