Vickash Misser

Board Member - Africa

Vickash Misser (a.k.a Vick) is a highly experienced and competent administrative leader and manager, with unique skills in teaching, planning, designing and implementing systems around court management. He has an exemplary employment history and has moved up from a relatively junior position within the judicial administration over 30 years to the current position of Director: Quality Assurance, Court Services, National Office in the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. He also served as Director of the largest court in South Africa, the Johannesburg Magistrates Court. Prior to this he held the position of Director: Court Management at the esteemed Constitutional Court of South Africa – a body responsible for upholding the post-democratic Constitution of 1996. His expertise was sought and he was asked to serve at the Constitutional Court of SA to bring about, amongst others, an ambitious transformation programme that seeks to advance court access and efficiency, and make the institution more accessible to the citizens of the country. His span of responsibility, over 900 staff, attests to his grasp of management issues and his ability to lead large and complex organisations.


Vick holds a Master degree of Business Administration (MBA) as well as a host of professional certificates in finance and administration. His has a multidisciplinary approach to work, and can harness diverse skill types and expertise to advance effective solutions.  He is familiar with the discipline of evaluation and opted as his Master’s degree dissertation to produce a study on “The role and impact of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of financial management on promoting service delivery at the Constitutional Court”.  This original and timely study was acknowledged as pivotal to the improvement of the Constitutional Court and its recommendations have been implemented, producing a more effective court system.  During this study he engaged with the Public Service Commission of South Africa with a view to learn and advance the evaluation practice within his work sphere. As such, he has a sound knowledge of the imperatives of good governance, and is well versed in oversight policy and practice. Attesting to his expertise within the Judiciary is a career of exemplary performance assessments, both as a manager in various roles – investigator, court manager, policy advisor and curriculum developer. His passion for the subject has been recognised and he has been used by the judiciary as trainer for court officials across the country. The students (in career professionals) have commended him on his delivery style, passion and ability to work with diversely skilled persons to enhance capacity and motivate them.


Vick is well travelled, and has worked with the highest echelon of the country, with direct reporting to the Constitutional Court judges, Executive and other high court professionals. He has regularly been asked to advice on a range of matters, and holds a top secret clearance, which attests to his personal integrity. He is active in community affairs, and pursues a passion for music and philanthropic work. Being versatile, he will be able to offer dedicated commitment in whatever administrative or managerial field required.