Thomas Kappl - European Board


Thomas Kappl is the President of the European Union of Rechtspfleger. He was elected in 2007 by the members of the European Union of Rechtspfleger at Stockholm/Sweden, and re-elected in 2010 at Cuneo/Italy.

The European Union of Rechtspfleger (EUR) is the union of professional associations of Rechtspfleger and comparable higher judicial officials in Europe. Several non-European organizations joined the EUR as associated members, thus the European Union of Rechtspfleger has influence not only in Europe.

 Rechtspfleger is an expression for a legal profession in Austria and Germany which cannot be translated into another language. The profession of Rechtspfleger can be described as follows:

Senior court official, competent in certain judicial decisions and jurisdiction, especially matters of non-contentious jurisdiction.

Based on the idea to advance the judiciary cooperation within Europe as well as to improve the efficiency, making themselves more available to and following up with citizens of the courts for jurisdiction, Kappl initiated a Green Paper for a European Rechtspfleger, which was submitted to the European Commission, Directorate-General Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, in Brussels. This has been agreed upon with the department civil justice. Thus the European Union of Rechtspfleger wants to support the European Union in creating a space of right, a European Justice Area and according to its by-laws objective targets with the judiciary-political mandate regarding the creation, development and harmonisation of the law both on European and international level. The introduction of the European Rechtspfleger shall serve as well to relieve the judges. Judicial tasks might be assigned to this European Rechtspfleger for an objective independent decision under consideration of the country-specific regulations. Thus the much cited overburden of the judges can be counteracted in all countries.

 Kappl studied at the university for applied sciences of law. He was appointed as Rechtspfleger in 1977. First he was at the local court in Munich (court of the first instance). Since 1981 he is at the Federal Patent Court in Munich.

From 1986 to 1997 we was the Secretary General of the Union of German Rechtspfleger. Besides the function of the President of the European Rechtspfleger he is the President of Association for Rechtspfleger of the Federal Justice since 1995.

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