Pim Albers - European Board Member


Pim Albers

Dr. Albers is a globally recognized justice sector/administration of justice expert (www.albersconsulting.eu) and owner of a leading consulting firm in the field of justice (Albers International Consulting), a former Special Advisor at the Council of Europe Directorate General Human Rights and Legal Affairs (the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice - CEPEJ) during years 2006-2009 and former coordinating policy advisor for the Netherlands Ministry of Security and Justice (years 2009-2014 and 1997-2006).


While with CEPEJ, Dr. Albers developed, coordinated and conducted international evaluation studies on European judicial systems of the 47 member states of the Council of Europe. Also he was the co-author and creator of the International Framework of Court Excellence (www.courtexcellence.com) and has published numerous articles, reports and (chapter) of books about administration of justice and judicial reforms.


Dr. Albers has a rich international judicial reforms experience that includes work for European and international organizations (e.g. European Commission, Council of Europe, World Bank, OECD and UNDP) in Europe (e.g. Croatia, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania), Asia (Kazakhstan, Mongolia) and the Middle-East and North Africa region (Morocco, Libya, Jordan, Bahrain, Palestine Territories) on various issues ranging from justice sector assessment reports to development of time standards, court quality policies, mediation, EU civil and commercial law, and international comparative justice sector benchmark studies.