Justice Abdul Karim M. Pharaon

Advisory Council - Abu Dhabi/UAE

Justice Abdul Karim M. PharaonSupreme Court of Justice
Amman - Jordan
Tel: + 962-6-5621315
Mobile + 962 (79) 545 1624
Email:  karimpharaon@gmail.com

Justice Pharaon was born on January 15, 1946 in Bethany (Al Aizarieh), a superb of Jerusalem. He received his LLB in law in 1972 from Damascus University in Syria. He managed the legal affairs at Bendix Field Engineering, a contractor to the US Corps of Engineers (later merged with Allied Signal) in Saudi Arabia and Yemen from 1975-1982.

Justice Pharaon then started his own private law practice in Amman, Jordan and worked there from 1982-2000. During this period he represented many International and national big firms, corporations, as well as individuals. His main fields of practice were Civil, Commercial and Business laws.

In January of 2000 he was appointed as a Judge at the Court of Appeals, Amman - Jordan, where he presided a panel until June of 2004. On 17 June 2004, Justice Pharaon was appointed at the Court of Cassation in Amman, Jordan.

Since May 2005 Justice Pharaon was appointed as a member at the Supreme Court of Justice of Jordan.

Justice Pharaon has participated in drafting many laws that were submitted to the Jordanian Parliament and International entities such as the World Health Organization (WHO).

Justice Pharaon represented Jordan in conferences and seminars all over the world presenting legal and judicial topics relating to Jordanian laws and Islamic Sharia. He has attended the International Judicial Conference supported by Furth Foundation in Romania and Ukraine.

Justice Pharaon is a faculty member at the ABA/CEELI Institute, Prague – Czech Republic and participated in teaching programs for judges from both Iraq and Afghanistan.

He is also a member in the Advisory Board of the ABA/CEELI Institute, Prague – Czech Republic and a member in the Advisory Board of the International Association for Court Administration.

He has participated in several workshops and seminars relating judicial independence, ADR, human rights, judicial ethics…..and many other subjects relating to judicial reforms and gave lectures in those topics.

Justice Pharaon is married and has five children, two boys (both are lawyers) and three girls who are all married. He has eight grandchildren.

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