Justice Takdir Rahmadi

Advisory Council - Indonesia

Prior to his appointment as justice at the Supreme Court of Republic of Indonesia  on December 30, 2008, he was professor in environmental law at Faculty of Law, Andalas University in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.  His First Degree in Law (1979) is from Faculty of Law, Andalas University, Padang, Indonesia, LL.M (1987) from Faculty of  Law, Dalhousie University, 

Since his appointment as a justice, he has become Vice Coordinator of Judicial Reform Team at the Supreme Court. He participated actively in judicial reform programs, among others,  in the position as: (1) Vice Coordinator of the Working Group in Implementation of Court-Annexed Mediation Program, (2) Vice Coordinator of the Working Group in the Revision of the Chief Justice’s Decree concerning Transparancy of Information in Courts and the Making of Service Charter of Court,  (3) Vice Chairman of the Working Group for Preparing the Chief Justice’s Decree concerning the Chamber System in the Supreme Court,  (4) A member of the Working Group in the Green Bench Program and/or Certification for Judges in Handling Environmental Cases.Halifax Canada and Doctor in Law (1997) from Faculty of Law, Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia. He was involved in a sery of environmental law trainings for judges from mid of 1990s to early of  2000s under the IASTP Project-Ausaid, the Supreme Court of Indonesia, ACEL-ICEL. He was also one of the founders   and trainers of  the Indonesian Center for Conflict Transformation (IICT), an NGO based in Jakarta  which is interested in promoting the use of alternative dispute resolution specially mediation as  a way of resolving disputes in Indonesia. He was a member of the Working Group drafting the Supreme Court Rules concerning Court-Annexed Mediation.


Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Indonesia assigned him to attend a number of international forum such as the Conference on Civil Service Reform in Baghdad, Iraq, November 16-18, 2009, USAID; the Asian Judges  Symposium on Environmental Adjudication, Green Courts and Tribunals  and Environmental Justice,28-29 July 2010,  Manila, ADB; the National Juctice Sector Workshop, 14-15 October, 2011, Dacca, Bangladesh, UNDP; the South Asia Conference of  Environmental Justice, 24-25 March, 2012, Bhurban, Pakistan, ADB; the World Congress on Justice,  Governance and Law for Environmental Sustainability in Rio de Janeiro June 17-20, June  2012; International Congress of Highest Administrative Courts, Administrative Judge and Environmental Law, 7-11 April 2013, Cartagena, Colombia.


 The Indonesian Chief Justice also assigned him as a member of the delegation of the Indonesian Supreme Court  to do comparative studes in the field of mediation and court administration,  June 2009 in Japan and in France October 2009.  He is also a member of the ASEAN Law Association (ALA) Committee of Indonesia from 2009 until now.