Delia Carrizo de Martínez  - Advisory Council

Within the various positions held throughout her career, Justice Carrizo has worked as Civil and Criminal Law Judge for the First Circuit District Court of Cocle Province.  In 1994, Justice Carrizo was appointed as a Magistrate before the Superior Tribunal whose jurisdiction covers two provinces, Cocle and Veraguas.  She continues to serve in that capacity.  In addition, she was appointed in 2006 to serve as substitute Magistrate of the Civil Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice in Panama.  Her term there concludes in 2015.  Justice Delia Carrizo de Martínez obtained her Law and Political Science degree from the Faculty of Law of the University of Panama. Justice Carrizo also holds a Ph.D. in procedural law with a focus on criminal law.

Justice Carrizo is a member of the Panamanian Bar Association, a member of the Trainers of the Judicial School of Panama, and a member of the Judicial Branch team for the revision of the Project Law 255, which adopts the Penal Code. In addition, Justice Carrizo was the coordinator for Panama for the XVth Ibero-American Judicial Summit.

Within professional guilds, Justice Carrizo is member of the Panamanian Association of Magistrates and Judges (ASPAMAJ) where she served as President for the periods of 2002-2004 and 2004-2006. In addition, she is member of the Female Association of Magistrates and Judges of Panama (AMAJUP).  Justice Carrizo also is a member of the Latin-American Federation of Magistrates (FLAM) where she served as Secretary- General from 2006-2008.