Catherine Hiuser

Cathy Hiuser

Catherine Hiuser is the Chief Administrative Officer for IACA.  Catherine previously served as the Immediate Past President, President and IACA Vice-President of International Associations. She has served several terms on the Board of Directors for the Association of Canadian Court Administrators and is a long time member of the National Association for Court Management. She has over 34 years’ experience in the Canadian justice system. Catherine has held numerous senior management positions within the Ministry of the Attorney General in Ontario, Canada in the area of court administration including case management, financial and capital planning, court technology, human resource planning and policy development.

Since 2007, she has actively been involved in international development activities supporting and assisting Mexico with their criminal justice reforms by facilitating judge and prosecutor exchanges and study tours for Mexican judges and prosecutors to Canadian courts. Mrs. Hiuser also served as a court administration expert on a two year project with the judiciary of the Supreme Court of Peru and with the High Judicial Council of Palestine.